• Combo Pack of 3 Villaggio Sauces

    Can't make up your mind? No problemo, take one of each home. A perfect combination of Villaggio's Homemade Sauces including our famous Marinara with Basil, Vodka Sauce and Fra Diavolo Sauce.
  • Combo Pack 6 Villaggio Sauces

    Looking for more?! We got you covered. The best combination of Villaggio's Homemade Sauces including 2 jars of our famous Marinara with Basil sauce, 2 Vodka Sauce's and 2 Fra Diavolo Sauces. Now don't forget to buy the pasta!
  • La Semolina Wheat Pasta by La Favorita

    The finest selection of Durum wheat flour pasta made by using bronze drawplates. The Most popular shapes ready for any of our sauces. Your choice of Rigatoni, Fusilli or Penne in a 17.65oz bag.
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Our Story

To our loyal customers,

Our earliest childhood memories include making homemade tomato sauce in our Nonna’s driveway located in Corona, Queens. Being apart of five children, we all had our jobs. From cleaning bushels of raw tomatoes to jarring the sauce with fresh basil there was always enough made so you never left Sunday dinner hungry. Made at our family owned restaurant, Villaggio, you can now enjoy our family recipe at home. It’s the closest thing to our Nonnas driveway. So try it with your choice of pasta or “Come to Villaggio, where your treated like family”  - Bon Apetito! The Loccisano Family